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The history of the United Way of Whitman County is an inspiring one and reflects the generosity of the Whitman community that is so well known today.

In 1929, on the eve of the Great Depression, 12 members of the Pullman Chamber of Commerce saw crucial concerns to be addressed in our community and took action.

They spearheaded the formation of the Pullman Community Chest to provide resources for people in need. Then, every member of the chamber donated to this cause to support six local charities.

The Community Chest evolved into the United Way of Pullman in 1972 (United Way of Whitman County in 2019), and today we support many community partner agencies who serve:

  • our young people;

  • our elderly and disabled citizens; and

  • those in need of social and health services.

The United Way Board of Directors is composed of local residents who represent the broad spectrum of the Whitman County Community.

We believe local dollars need to stay local. Contributions are distributed to local human service providers to support our community.

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