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United Way of Whitman County Code of Ethics

Adopted August 26, 2014

The mission of the United Way of Whitman County is to increase the organized capacity of people on the Palouse to care for one another. As part of this mission, UWWC is committed to the highest ethical standards in its role as a local leader of philanthropy to benefit health and human service agencies that serve the Palouse. This Code of Ethics establishes key guidelines to assist UWWC volunteers and staff in making good decisions that are ethical and in accordance with United Way rules and applicable legal requirements. 

Volunteers and staff are encouraged to seek advice and guidance from the Board of Directors, the Board President, and any memeber of the Executive Committee on questions about any ethical issue including interpretation or application of this Code. Any known or possible breach of this Code should be disclosed to the Board’s Executive Committee for a prompt and fair resolution. 

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