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The United Way of Whitman County's mission

is to build relationships with other nonprofits, government entities,

large and small businesses, and community-minded

individuals to UNITE US IN PURPOSE.


We envision a THRIVING COMMUNITY where all individuals and families achieve their potential in education, financial stability, and healthy lives.


We are committed to:

• Childhood Readiness          • Youth Development

• Income Stability                   • Healthy Lives

• Community Engagement

Education, Childhood & Youth Success

Education is a cornerstone for navigating school, work, and life. Setting kids on the path to success begins early and continues with important support measures for children and families to ensure each child reaches their potential and obtains the highest-level education possible. The UWWC partners with agencies specializing in early intervention for childhood success as well as organizations that bring a high level of interactive learning to build and support youth success.

Increase Health Outcomes

Good health is an essential ingredient for individual success and a thriving community. Caring for the physical, mental, and emotional health of people of all ages is essential to a flourishing population. Increasing outcomes so all of our residents have access to services is a primary goal of the UWWC. We are committed to more than short-term charity for a few; we are committed to lasting solutions that build opportunity and accessibility for all. The UWWC provides unrestricted funding to community partners offering health services so clients can be seen, assessed, and receive services quickly.

Financial Stability 

The whole community benefits when working individuals and families are able to stop walking a financial tightrope and get on solid ground. That’s why we focus on lasting solutions that go beyond charity because financially stable people are more likely to have access to quality health care, provide a good education for their children, and contribute to their local economies.


Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed.

ALICE could be your childcare worker, the cashier at your supermarket, your waitress, or a home health aide. ALICE cannot always pay the bills, has little or no savings, and makes tough choices each day. Alice is one mishap away from disaster.

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